Exclusive to Almanara - A field report on Naffousa Mountains from the Media Committee of 17 Feb Revolutionaries in Jadu

 Gaddafi forces that are situated in Shakshouk area cutting the electricity on the majority of Naffousa mountains cities including Kekla, AlQalaa, Yefrin, Zintan, Arrajban, Jadu and Arraheibat at the time of Maghrib Prayer which increased the tensions within the families that live in these areas as the families are now living in total darkness after 42 years of darkness in Libya under Gaddafi Umbrella, and because of the electricity cut the communication has also been cut between AlSan and the surrounding areas and the outside world as there is no communication ways, no televisions, no radios to get news from and the fuel has also persuaded the people to stay in their homes.

More than that the random shelling that Gaddafi forces are applying on these areas targeting homes which are populated has made the case more worse as the families do not know when the shelling will begin. It is worth mentioning that Gaddafi forces target civilians and is not fighting or facing the freedom fighters at the front lines. Today Gaddafi forces bombarded the cities Jadu and Arrajban with grad missiles and for the first time with cluster bombs and there are no victims registered.
Gaddafi forces are stretched at the foot of the mountains from the east (Gharyan) to the west (Wazin) and are receiving supply from AlJafarah area which is between the mountains and the sea
The children are in a state of horror and fear from the crimes that are committed by Gaddafi and his followers, as they are prisoned inside their houses and do not go out or play scared from the random shelling or any kind of shelling from Gaddafi forces
The kidnappings of the families which live in Tripoli and other areas which Gaddafi forces are controlling and have original roots from Naffousa mountains has increased the tragedy that the residents are suffering from.
Despite the suffering and cruelty experienced by the mountain people they are witnessing a remarkable development in various areas of media, cultural, health, political, military and social as the 17 Feb revolutionaries have launched information and cultural centres and are issuing magazines and newspapers showing the talents and creativity of the youth, elders, women, men without distinction. At the level of health, hospitals are in better shape than they were if Gaddafi forces are not controlling the region. From the political area, everyone has the freedom to establish associations, movements, coalitions and parties
The military side Revolutionaries are setting up the national army which was destroyed by the Libyan tyrant
Some of the crimes Gaddafi has committed in Libya are the destroying of the minds and the destruction of thoughts as he did not allow Libyans to think, and whoever commits the crime of thinking then should consider the punishment of death. But as of from now everyone is free in his thinking and now we are in the process of rehabilitation of our thinking and our mentality and our ability to distinguish. As well as civic and governmental institutions have been completely destroyed since more than twenty years and no the process of rehabilitation and construction is held from zero and still going on
 In conclusion, we ask for peace on our martyrs liberal souls who sacrificed their blood for Libya for all the Libyans to live free in their own country in all glory and pride, we also salute the brave heroes of Naffousa Mountains... Lions of the mountains  and we ask for Libya to be protected from all grievance and injustice

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  1. As I can understand from this letter which is the situation there is really tragedy and I suggest that the Transitional Council should put now the siege cities in western of Libya as its main priorities and they must take serious action to provide aid by cooperating with International Humanitarian Agencies


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