Omar Ihwainish : Libya’s legitimate government success

As a concerned Libyan citizen, the crisis that has taken control of our oil rich economy for 42 years has had far reaching consequences than is actually imagined. Ruthless acts adopted by the incumbent Gadhafi government in an act to cling to power, have met justified resistance from freedom fighters forces unified under the National Transitional Council and this has led to widespread bloodshed of innocent citizens, displacement and violence of a large magnitude by Gadhafi’s foreign mercenaries from Africa who don't speak Arabic, that he is using as a private army to protect his regime and they have shown no hesitancy to fire on civilian protesters they know one thing to kill whose in front of them nothing else. It is for this reason therefore, that I am voicing my support for the National Transitional Council aided by the community a group of about 40 nations trying to help foster stability and peace in Libya, in their heroic acts to salvage our beloved country from any further bloodshed
First of all, the National Transitional Council, The structure and system through which the opposition group of Libya is organized, have played a major role in trying to put this country in the hands of the right course of leadership by fighting individuals pursuing egocentric goals instead of nationalistic ideals. Libya needs to be saved from a 42 year old aristocratic rule to pave way for democracy and this is the key resolve pursued by the NTC which also aims at unifying the country and setting Tripoli as its capital as well as eliminating foreign forces as a sign to regain our sovereignty . The National Transitional Council has scored a first in restoring democracy and confidence amongst individuals in its ability to form a transitional government and negotiate with the international community for assistance. It is for this reason therefore that it has been recognized by the international community as the legitimate government. The input of the NTC has been enormous and mainly involved organizing the freedom fighters faction into a resistance group comprising mostly of dissenting citizens to liberate the country from dictatorship. Another success attained by the NTC has been to reduce the threat posed by loyalist groups. This is actually their major success and they have achieved this through marshaling support from the NATO community to impose sanctions, establish no go zones for Gaddafi’s loyalist camp this way limiting their air power and mobility.
Member states constituting NATO like the US and France have already promised to embrace military alternatives in the event diplomatic channels fail to achieve their intended purpose. This leaves the loyalist group confined within the peripherals of the capital city- Tripoli. They can therefore only watch as more regions of the country originally under their control turned into freedom fighters camps as a result of shift in loyalty. Gaddafi’s control of the country has surely waned over and is on the verge of coming to a deserved end after 42 years. The major problem that has led to Gaddafi’s downfall is the massive shift of loyalty from his group to that of the freedom fighter’s camp. Most of his soldiers are shifting allegiance to the freedom fighters faction thereby leaving him without enough man power to ward off the freedom fighters resistance. For instance pro Gaddafi’s soldiers have reportedly downed their tools and shifted to the freedom fighters camp in areas around Zawiya in the North Eastern part Libya. In the eastern regions traditionally considered his strongholds, soldiers are exhibiting acts of defiance by disobeying orders and instead siding with freedom fighters. With the International community already putting pressure on his ousting Gaddafi is slowly remaining in isolation and in an embattled position and it is only a matter of time before he is subdued.
His tyrannical rule is surely being arrested. This cracking is also exposing his weaknesses like for instance his modes of communication are not convincing. They include making calls in secrecy and use of the state television to broadcast his selfish ambitions.

Omar Ihwainish
New York - USA

اخوكم  عمر يوسف احونيش الورفلي