Calling Libya from Malaysia or any country that is not included at the access numbers list for idtalk

1-     Visit the website
, create new account.

2-Click on Destination link then choose Libya then click to purchase Super Gold card and finish the transaction via your Credit or prepaid (Dept) card, please make sure your purchase was in USD .
3- Later you will receive PIN Code in your Email.

4-Use your mobile number that you entered it as your primary number in the registration steps to dial the access number in USA which is 18005064954.

5-Enter the PIN number, then when they ask you to enter the number in Libya please type it this way :011218992******* and wait for the call.

Make sure that your mobile has enough credit because an amount of( .10 cent) will be charged to your account each minute.

*To recharge your PIN again later just click MY PINS link and choose recharge,there is no need to start from the beginning each time you want to reload.

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  1. I think it works only in the eastren part of Libya ( Not in Misurata as an example ). I've some friends tried these cards to call Benghazi and it worked fine.


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