Urgent Action: ProtectIman el-Obeidi


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Urgent Action: ProtectIman el-Obeidi

Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) is very concerned on the safety of Miss el-Obeidi, who publically claimed that she was a victim of gang rape by members of the notorious Security Battalions (al-Kataeb) of the Gaddafi regime. Ms el-Obeidi, a 26 years old law school postgraduate student, burst into the Rixos Hotel, one of the hotels housing the international press, to show the world her wounds and bruises and tell the journalists that she had been abused and raped by no less than 15 thugs, allegedly members of al-Kataeb.
Miss el-Obeidi was forcefully taken away from the hotel despite the efforts of some journalists to protect her, who were very distressed by the scene which starkly revealed to them the brutal treatment vested on Libyan citizens by members of al-Kataeb.
It is very rare and difficult for a woman to publically reveal herself of being a victim of rape in any society, and more difficult in a conservative society like the Libyan society, and it is very dangerous to accuse members of the security apparatus of the Gaddafi regime at any time and especially now, when the whole city of Tripoli is suffocated by the terror campaign being perpetrated by the notorious al-Kataeb. For these reasons, HRS takes the allegations of Miss el-Obeidi very seriously and is very gravely concerned about her safety and wellbeing.
HRS calls on all international and regional human rights organizations to demand the immediate release of Miss el-Obeidi and that she is permitted to travel to be reunited with her family in Tobruk. HRS does not trust any entity beholding to or representing the Gaddafi regime whose leadership has been referred to International Criminal Court accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity. For this, it is futile to call for an investigation of the allegations at this point, it is imperative that the safety of Miss el-Obeidi is guaranteed, which can only be assured by her return to her family in Tobruk.
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