In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
Blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad, his Kin, and his Companions



Monday 28th March 2011
The Network of Free Ulema – Libya condemns the brutality committed against our sister Eman Al-Obaidi. The horrifying ordeal suffered by our sister Eman Al-Obaidi was a brutal attack on her dignity and on her God-given rights as a human being. No person—child, woman, or man—should ever have to suffer such humiliation or brutality whether at the hands of individuals or regimes. Such cruelty is completely abhorrent to God and contravenes all prophetic, religious, moral and legal principles and statutes. They are gross violations of human rights; in the case of Libya, they constitute War Crimes.

God says in the Holy Qur’an: “Whosoever has spared the life of a soul, it is as though he has spared the life of all people. Whosoever has killed a soul, it is as though he has murdered all of mankind.” [Qur'an 5:32]  We appeal to every Muslim, within the regime, or assisting it in any way, to realise that brutalizing and killing innocent human beings is forbidden by our Creator and by His beloved Prophet of Compassion (peace be upon him), and that whoever commits such crimes against humanity, or assists in committing them, in anyway whatsoever, shall be subjected to God’s eternal wrath. Human life is sanctified by God Himself, and is protected by the Sharia and International Law. 

We  demand the immediate release of Eman Al-Obaidi, of all children, women, men, journalists and all media personnel kidnapped and arrested by Gaddafi and his regime. We call upon the international community to hold Gaddafi, his thugs and mercenaries—who are illegitimate in the eyes of all Libyans—accountable for every kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder that they have systematically committed against the innocent people of Libya. All such crimes will be pursued at Libyan courts and also at the International Criminal Court. We shall not give evil any refuge.

We call the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, to immediately issue international arrest warrants against Gaddafi, his family, and all associates who are guilty of War Crimes. They have committed inhuman crimes in front of the eyes of the whole world. Let no more innocent people die at their blood-stained hands. 



We are a network of some of Libya’s most senior and most respected Muslim Religious Scholars with various specializations and tribal backgrounds from across our beloved Libya. Our network also includes some of the most respected Sufi Teachers in our country. Some top Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, University Professors and Intellectuals, as well as Writers and Poets, are also members. Our network includes both men and women, old and young, locally educated and educated-abroad. We are not a political party, and our only agenda is that of upholding the highest religious, spiritual, moral, and human values, and the service of our beloved Libya. We are diverse groups of different schools and outlooks, and we believe in the richness of plurality, and the wisdom of dialogue and communication with all other faiths and cultures. Our network is only one dimension of Libya’s very rich and sophisticated Civil Society, which has always been there, but has had to go clandestine for many years because of the regime’s repressive policies. In the New Libya, all these seeds will sprout into a rich and vibrant culture, unified, and mutually respectful. For the time being, security conditions do not allow us to publish a list of members. We will publish such a list as soon as we can.