Libya: Torture & Executions of Migrants by Militias affiliated with Khalifa Haftar

Libya: Torture & Executions of Migrants by Militias affiliated with Khalifa Haftar

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, a militia, under the name "Martyr Abdulla al-Shaffi Company, al-Huriyah Training Center[1]", affiliated with Khalifah Haftar published a video[2] tape showing the capture[3] of what it purported a member of Daesh, ISIS, captured in al-Quwarsha, a suburb south of Benghazi.
The video shows a group of armed men taunting the African migrant, who identified himself as a citizen of Chad, and abusing him and ending with him tied up to a column/pillar, striped of his shirt and two of the men wiping him, two

 of them pulling a robe/sting on around his neck and pressing it against the column.
Human Rights Solidarity very concerned for the safety of the migrant, this is not the first time that such heinous crime is caught on camera, recorded by the perpetrators themselves. Over a year ago, June 2015, a video[4] circulated on the net & social media pages, showing the cold-blooded murder of a young African migrant, who appeared to be a teenager (possibly 14-16 years old) by a group of armed men.
Human Rights Solidarity calls on the Libyan authorities, the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, to immediately seek the safety of the migrant and identify and order the apprehension of the perpetrators of the torture. Torture is a crime under Libyan & International law.

Human Rights Solidarity
Tripoli – Libya

[1] Abdulla al-Shaffi was a colonel in the "Armored Brigade 204", commanded by Government of National Accord Defense Minister Col. Mahdi al-Barghathi. Al-Shaffi was killed earlier this year in Benghazi. "al-Huriyah [Freedom] Training Center" has its own page on Facebook "".
[2] Abdulla al-Shaffi Company (Platoon) Facebook page, (link to the video), 12th July 2016. A copy of the video is also available on the Facebook page of Human Rights Solidarity, warning viewer discretion is advised.
[3] Though the first militiaman says that date as "Tuesday 12th June 2016", the date is most likely "Tuesday 12th July 2016", 12th June was a Sunday not Tuesday.
[4] A copy of the video, of the e execution of the Chadian child, is at this like, warning viewer discretion is advised.