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For All Libyan Students

For All Libyan Students

A number of Libyan students supporting the Murderer Gaddafi are planning to distribute a letter to the Deans and Chancellors of British universities. Those who wrote this letter are claiming that ALL Libyan students are dropping out of study to express their disapproval of the current coalition strikes on Libya. They are accusing the British, French, and American military operations of killing civilians (men, women, and children) and not protecting them and that this is just an excuse.  They are asking for the support of these students and their families and are threatening that the Libyan students’ discontinue of education will eventually affect the financial interests and statuses of the UK universities. The letter is signed by Ibrahim Omar Ibrahim who claims to be the General Secretary of the Libyan students in the UK.

I would like to take the opportunity to reply to this fabricated letter by saying the following:
First of all when they say ALL Libyan students are suspending their studies here in the UK, then there has to be over 3000 student suspensions currently taking place. If this is the case as they claim, then the universities are the first to know and will be fully aware of the consequences. However, this is not at all true. It is fair to say that the Libyan students not just in the UK but all over the world are going through rough times and are not fully focused on their studies. Nevertheless, all universities are understanding of this and are cooperating in every way they can. Their support is very much appreciated by all Libyan students. And an empty threat such as this will not in any way affect these university’s financial interests.    
Secondly, no civilians in Libya have died as a result of the coalition strikes. These strikes are extremely accurate and are aimed at military bases and airports only. There is no evidence whatsoever showing any civilian deaths by any media and the only TV channel in the whole world showing otherwise is Libyan state TV. Very strange, right!!! No, not really. This is not strange for a TV channel that is built on lies and fabrication. What’s being shown is an episode of many episodes that this channel is writing and acting out itself.  People are not stupid. For them to believe in something there has to be matching evidence from several sources which is not the case at the moment. And in case civilians happen to die in these events (Allah forbid and protect all Libyans), in case this happens, why are the Gaddafi worshipers pretending to be sad and compassionate now? They were not sad for all the previous deaths.
While Gaddafi was busy butchering 100s of Libyans from east to west they were busy supporting him, kissing his ugly photos and calling is miserable name in the streets of the UK. Why claim to be disturbed by any deaths which may happen after the UN resolution. These are the acts of desperate people. People who believe if Gaddafi goes, they go. They are worth nothing without this mass murderer. They were used to hiding behind his false throne and now it has been demolished and his arrogant kingdom humiliated and destroyed they have nowhere to go or hide any more. Nor will anyone in our honourable society accept such hypocrites. 
Shame on all of them as they fake their concern for Libyan civilians. Civilians who were not considered humans and whose lives were worthless just a week ago. Where was this letter when African mercenaries were being brought into Libya to slaughter Libyans?  Where was this letter when Gaddafi and his bloody sons and troops were giving orders to bomb the civilians? I think it is far too late now to pretend to be concerned about people other than themselves. This minority has always been fake and trivial believing and supporting everything that is fake and trivial and now is not the time to take on a battle that is way out of their league. So just step aside and leave the true people of Libya decide their fate and rewrite their own history. Carry on kissing your dictator’s photos because that’s all you’ve ever been good for
If this letter does ever reach the universities in the UK, I’m sure the deans and chancellors will be aware that the statements it carries are far from true. There is no evidence in support of its claims. No proof of any student consent to writing this letter and no Libyan students have assigned this “Ibrahim” person to speak on their behalf. The facts are loud and clear and they are:
·         No students are leaving their studies
·         No civilians in Libya have died as a result of the coalition strikes.
·         Many civilians have been and still are being murdered by Gaddafi and his followers
·         Libyan state TV is nothing but a false administration serving Gaddafi’s government
·         Sorry I forgot…there is no Gaddafi government as it has lost all legitimacy
·         The UN 1973 resolution to protect civilians has been passed whether Gaddafi and his loyalists like it or not
·          The 17th of February revolution will live to see the end of the GADDAFI REGIME
·         The followers of Gaddafi will live like rats (the rats he is constantly talking about)
·         People of Libya will finally hold their heads up high for the tremendous victory they have accomplished.   
The Libyan protest and march in London on the 24/03/2011 and many others before that is enough to show that the majority of Libyan students are 100% behind the UN resolution. They understand that these military actions are necessary to secure the no-fly zone and put pressure on this dictator who is refusing to step down.   
If this beast cared enough about the people of Libya, he would have stepped down and prevented all these events over a month ago. But it’s too late now. There is no going back; too much has been sacrificed and too many lives have been paid for the price of this life-changing revolution.
The great revolution of the 17th of February.

By the way I’d like to tell this Ibrahim guy who claims he is a general secretary who I don’t personally think exists as I have never heard of him; I’d like to tell him two things: A) next time when you plan to write on behalf of the Libyan students make sure to seek their approval first before claiming to be a representative. Once Libyan students read your letter they will be ready to legally sue you for writing without consent B) A letter contradicting and falsifying all the information in your letter will also be sent to the deans and chancellors of British universities simply to erase the credibility of you letter.
I end this e-mail by saying thank you to the two people who gave me a copy of this letter who by the way are pretending to be Gaddafi loyalists. A copy of this letter will be posted on Almanara website on facebook for those of you who want to read it.

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  1. who are you and who are them to speak on our behalf???? 100% supporting revolution, nonsense, I am not supprting any part and I am happy with my life eastarians.

  2. Yes, I do agree with this.It is absolutely true

  3. Again, these people showed everyone that the regieme they are supporting had lost its legitimacy, and again they prooved that they nothing but a bunch of liars.

  4. Unbelievable ...are there any insects left ....god dam on them....
    I support the Libyan spring, the revolution, the freedom of speech, freedoom of breath and making the right thing....
    Gaddafi and his family are out of order now, so bye bye