Details of relief trip(help for Libya) 28/2/11 - 20/03/11

Details of relief trip(help for Libya) 28/2/11 - 20/03/11

Total money collected £18350.

1. £13100 given to the interim council for families of victims( receipt given)

2. £6500 medical supply: 60 external fixators, tibial nail set, two orthopaedic drills.

3. Other expenses;
 a. Transport from Cairo to Benghazi(return) £200
 b.  Phone calls, accommodation related to trip £150

Total: £19950

Rest of the money has been covered.

receipts available for most purchases.


1. Medical situation(hospitals, supplies, organisation) is quiet poor.

2. All medical aid advised to go to medical council through د حسام الماجرى و د جبريل هويدى
     and then get distributed to the rest of the country.

3. Organisational issues are getting better, but still help required at different levels.                     However, continuous supply is necessary and one off is not enough.

4. i suggest we set up medical charity(association) as i have received many serious effort         from non-Libyan organisations want to help Libyan people. i will be speaking to friends         and colleagues to start working on this project.

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